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Eye Irrigation/ Lubrication Combination Kit

A combination kit of i-Cleanse® IRRIGATE and i-Cleanse® LUBRICATE in a re-usable injection molded carry case.

i-Cleanse® Combination Kit compromised two products, a pure sterile saline metered dose irrigation spray (i-Cleanse® irrigation spray) and a sterile saline metered dose lubrication spray (i-Cleanse® lubrication spray). As there is no known cure for dry eye syndrome. This is when the eye doesn’t produce enough tears or when the tears evaporated too quickly leading to irritation, redness, dryness, discharge and easily fatigued eyes. Current treatment is to use single-use preservative free lubricating eye drops which are difficult to administer and expensive. i-Cleanse® kit is simple to use, a measured metered dose and comes in a multi-use sterile preservative free saline spray. The two metered dose sprays come in a single discrete and re-usable, bespoke injection molded carry case (pocket size):

i-Cleanse® IRRIGATE: 100% natural, gentle, isotonic, preservative-free, pH neutral and contains no steroids. i-Cleanse® Irrigate is metered dose sterile saline pump spray which doses a light mist/cloud of sterile saline solution into the eye for irrigating, cleaning and refreshing helping to revitalizing and refresh the eyes. i-Cleanse® Irrigate flushes away impurities, allergens and other airborne and/or skin borne particulates or contaminants. I-Cleanse® Irrigate contains 300 individual sterile doses whilst allowing the bottle to remain small, discrete and very portable (less than 100ml so can be taken into airplane cabins). The saline solution remains perfectly sterile after each use and can be used safely again and again until it reaches its expiry date, even after multiple uses. This product does not expire after 28 days or six months as is the case with many eye care products.

i-Cleanse® LUBRICATE: Contains all of the claims demonstrated in i-Cleanse® Irrigate but with the addition of a natural lubricant. The lubricant is in balance with the eye and replaces the tears that they eye can no longer secrete as such easing dryness, irrigation and lubricating the eye. i-Cleanse® Lubricate contains 300 individual sterile doses and retains its sterility from first use to the end of the shelf life of the product (36 months). This product doesn’t not expire after 28 days or six months like many other eye care products.

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