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About HL Healthcare

HL Healthcare Ltd is a limited company registered and based in the UK who develop, industrialise and manufacture niche ENT over-the-counter healthcare products. The company is accredited by BSI to ISO13485.

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Our Products

All HL Healthcare Ltd products are supported by a robust, UK-based manufacturing facility supply chain model. This model guarantees our licensees and distributors continuity of the supply of quality products across the UK, US, Canada and Eastern and Western Europe.


Clinically proven to soften and naturally remove impacted and compacted earwax, prevent itchy ears and soothe irritated ears.



Clinically proven to prevent water trapping in ears and as such prevents water borne ear infections...



A patented metered dose sterile saline nasal pump spray which doses a light mist/cloud of sterile saline solution into the nasal cavity.



For use on dogs, cats and other small animals. Helps prevent build-up of ear wax, bacteria, skin particles and general debris.

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Natural Ingredients

Our products are based around natural ingredients as such none of our products contain products of animal origin, active pharmaceutical ingredients and aggressive solvents.


HL Healthcare Ltd products are listed in most supermarket chains as well as most high street and independent pharmacies. All products are stocked by the top five wholesaler organisations in the UK. As such, simply request any one of our products at any pharmacy counter and the product will be delivered the next day. HL Healthcare Ltd operates a product licensing and distribution model outside of the UK for all products.
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