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15ml Metered Dose Sterile Saline Eye Lubrication Pump Spray

i-Cleanse® LUBRICATE is a 100% natural, gentile, isotonic, preservative-free, pH neutral that contains a natural lubricating agent to ease and soothe dryness of the eyes

  • A metered dose sterile saline pump spray which doses a light mist/cloud of sterile saline solution into the eye for lubricating dry eyes
  • Lubricates and moisturises dry and tired eyes significantly relieving the symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome
  • Lubricates, cleanses and moisturises dry eyes created by continued exposure to air-conditioned environments or air travel
  • Flushes away impurities, allergens and other airborne and/or skin borne particulates or contaminants
  • 300 individual sterile doses whilst allowing the bottle to remain small, discrete and very portable (less than 100ml so can be taken into airplane cabins)
  • The product remains perfectly sterile after each use and can be used safely again and again until it reaches its expiry date, even after multiple uses. This product does not expire after 28 days or six months as is the case with many eye care products
  • Baby and infant-friendly

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