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30ml Sterile Saline Nasal Spray

Sterinase® naturally helps relieve blocked noses, clears nasal passages and prevents the risk of allergic reactions and infections from allergens and other airborne bacterial and viral contaminants.

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Sterinase® contains up to 300 individual sterile saline metered doses. The saline solution is natural, gentle, isotonic and remains sterile from first use to the end of pack life, (36 months) in pregnancy, baby & infant friendly, it is a pump spray (non-pressurised) which can be used in the inverted position making it ideal for treating infants & nursing babies. Relieves nasal conditions associated with air travel or after continued exposure to air-conditioned environments. Sterinase® is currently undergoing a 20,000 patient NHS sponsored study.

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Our products are based around natural ingredients as such none of our products contain products of animal origin, active pharmaceutical ingredients and aggressive solvents.

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