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30ml Metered Dose Olive Oil Spray With Honey Flavour

Clinically proven to significantly reduce/prevent night-time snoring cause by breathing through the mouth and/or sore throat associated with snoring as well as dry mouth and throat.

  • Snore Soothe® has been clinically proven to significantly reduce or prevent night-time snoring caused by breathing through the mouth.
  • Snore Soothe® has been clinically proven to significantly reduce or prevent sore throats due to snoring and dry mouth and throat due to saliva suppression, e-cigarettes and working in air-conditioned environments.
  • Snore Soothe® uses an articulated throat actuator to ensure that the product reaches the target areas.
  • Snore Soothe® is the first clinically proven, 'all-natural' non-aerosol snoring cessation product with 98% olive oil and 2% honey flavour ('flavour' so no issues with sugars for diabetics predisposed to dry mouth).
  • Snore Soothe® is simple to use, natural and patient-intuitive with all the moisturising, gentle soothing and lubricating properties of olive oil but with a mild honey flavour.
  • The mechanism is a metered dose pump (100mcl) where the patient receives the same exact dose each time (up to 300 doses per pack).
  • It is non-aerosol and creates a gentle direct spray.
  • Snore Soothe® provides eight hours' relief.
  • The clear glass bottle allows patients to see precisely what they are spraying into their mouth and to know when re-ordering is due.
  • Snore Soothe® is aircraft cabin-friendly.

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