'The Invisible Ear Plug'

Protect the family's ears from dirty pool water this summer
and say goodbye to trapped water, irritable ears & ear infections

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The Invisible Ear Plug: For ages 1 year & above

Clinically proven to prevent water trapping in the ears and to prevent water borne bacterial infections. Protects the ears from dirty pool water, reducing itchy, irritable ears and hearing loss after swimming.

With tea tree oil

How It Works

Spray a dose of EarolSwim® into the auditory canal prior to entering the water, coating the ear canal with a water resistant and repellent barrier

On leaving the water, the oil coating repels the water allowing the ear to effectively self-drain. Bacteria in any residual moisture left in the ear is killed by the biocidal properties of the tea tree oil.

Protect & Prevent

EarolSwim® is clinically proven to prevent water trapping in the ears during and after water activities and water-borne bacterial ear infections for age groups 1 year and above.

EarolSwim® is all natural. The olive oil creates a water-resistant and repellent oil layer within the ear which waterproofs the ear during swimming and repels the water after swimming (oil and water don't mix).

Tea tree oil (a natural biocide) kills bacteria in any remaining moisture, preventing the chance of bacterial ear infections.

EarolSwim® can be used as a travel health product to protect children's ears against holiday swimming pool water as well as for kids learning to swim at school.

Where to Buy

In Pharmacy

On ASDA Pharmacy Counter in EarolSwim Display Units.

Ask your pharmacist for EarolSwim® or PIP code 316-4054